When Will Nigerian Celebrities Who Champion International Hashtags Talk About #BenueMassacre?

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nigerian stars

Nigerian stars seem to be unaware of the #BenueMassacre which has seen a large number of indigenes get murdered in several communities in the state by Fulani herdsmen.

Like many other attacks which have been recurring by these uncontrolled herdsmen, the situation has escaped the interest of our Nigerian celebrities who are always front-runners for international causes.

Slowly and steadily we are slipping into an unconsciousness of accepting the loss of human lives as norm.

nigerian stars
Nigerian stars love to show solidarity for international causes

On the Benue massacre, traditional leader of Logo community, Chief Jimmy Meeme confirmed the invasion of these ravaging murderers perambulating as “herdsmen” and how they unremorsefully killed seventy people in six out of ten council wards in his domain including, Turan, Mbagber, Yonov and Tomboout, in a space of two weeks.

Another report also stated that fifty-three people were killed in Varser in Ukum Local Government by these same herdsmen.

So far, the total number of deaths hasn’t been verified as the spokesperson of the Benue State Police Command, ASP Moses Yamu insisted that only 22 deaths were recorded in Logo and Ukum local government areas just as the office of the Nigerian president said it will respond when the real number has been verified.

Until then, it’s back to business as usual. Just another day, another news.

Ribadu's tweet on the matter three years ago
El-Rufai’s tweet on the matter four years ago

Now it’s a question of numbers.

Logo community leader said seventy people died in his community, a report said fifty-three died in Vaser, and BSPC is insisting it’s “only twenty-two deaths” in both communities.

Twenty-two deaths is “Only”?

The funny thing is, it’s not a game of numbers and it shouldn’t be. Even if it’s just one life that was lost.

It’s time we actually understand the meaning of life as these masked-killers are taking human lives in a bid to get land for their animals to graze on.

If you have to take a human life of any kind for grass, then it means you do not really value life, at all, therefore a person with such a mindset has to first be taught the value of life.

nigerian stars

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As for our Nigerian stars, the question is:

Why are you always quick to champion, advocate and show support for international causes but pay little mind to those at home?

Do you have to be reminded to speak up all the time?

Or you aren’t interested in any news that doesn’t have to do with your recent accomplishments, awards, beef, material possessions or social media drama?

Why don’t you advocate for a cause and let the international world follow suit rather than always being the follower of another’s?

Maybe after this, our Nigerian stars will heed the “charity begins from home” adage and unitedly champion a cause which will make an effort to proffer lasting solutions to these problem so it doesn’t just end with hashtags.

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