“Wakaa! The Musical” Sets To Debut In London

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“Wakaa! The Musical” a Nigerian stage production which tells the story of four young graduates who reached an agreement before separating to pursue individual endeavors, have achieved a great feat as the first Nigerian play to be performed to a London audience.

Webbed in love, money, power and broken dreams with a dash of Afrobeat, Wakaa! received great reviews after its showings last year and is now geared to be performed for London audiences as each character in the play will reveal life as it’s lived by young Nigerians today.

“Wakaa! The Musical” played to 9,000 people in a 12-performance run in Lagos last December, and will open at the Shaw Theater in London on July 21.

wakaa the musical
Wakaa! The musical sets to debut on London stage

Written and produced by Bolanle Austen Peters,  she described “Wakaa!” as the story of “a young guy who wants to leave Nigeria to live the fast life in London, but then he discovers (the) grass is not always greener elsewhere”, Yahoo reports.

Austen added that “Wakaa!” is a story about the graft and excesses of Nigerian politicians.

The writer cum producer started her profession as a lawyer before opening the popular Terra Kultura arts center, in Lagos several years ago. She began her art with plays before moving to musicals and expanding to a much wider audience.

Bolanle Austen Peters
Bolanle Austen Peters

Showcasing Wakaa on a London stage is a huge achievement for Austen and Nigeria at large as this is the first time a Nigerian theatre production has been able to be transferred to a London audience.

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“I believe it is time for Nigerians abroad as well as the international community to see (that) Nigeria exports more than oil,” Austen said.

Wakaa is Austen’s second musical.

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