Waka Flocka Begs Tammy Rivera To Take Him Back After Cheating On Her

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Waka Flocka is a man after his woman’s heart and he isn’t ashamed to beg for forgiveness from Tammy Rivera after cheating on her. 

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars are finally back together, giving us hope in love after all. Not many women would forgive their man if they found out he cheated, but Tammy did and Waka intends to get things right this time.

Flocka joined Tammy on Periscope where he said, “These ni**as don’t even know what love is… Only real women respect a man when he is correcting himself. Y’all mad cause y’all ni**a didn’t do it for y’all? You not worth it! What the f*ck, you mad. You trying to make Tammi like y’all? Lonely!”

Responses to the great news the couple are finally back together had fans encourage Tammy and Flocka to see each other’s worth and Flocka shouldn’t use the excuse of being a famous artist to be unfaithful. There were also those who felt Tammy only got back because the rapper is a millionaire.

waka flocka

Others in support of Tammy and Flocka shared:

‏@Therealboss31 – “I’m so glad to hear that you guys are in a better place I hope you guys have reconciled because you are too pretty to be crying.”

@KayshaBlack – “Glad to hear you’ll working it out. Tell Waka Flocka keep his Dik at home. He may not get so lucky next time. Praying for y’all.”

One user queried Tammy’s decision, “In another words you took him back after he did all the cheating?.” Uhh, Duhh, Yes.

There’s also speculation Tammy is pregnant with Waka’s child. It may be one of the reasons they decided to let whatever issues keeping them apart go, and give their relationship another shot.

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