Video Footage Of Tiger Mauling Woman To Death In a Wildlife Park

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While touring Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing China, two women were mauled by a Siberian tiger. One died and the other is in intensive care.

Both women and a male companion were touring the wildlife park, Saturday, (July, 23) which is located at the northern outskirts of Beijing where one of them left their car despite being issued warnings to never leave their car by park officials.

The park has a steady presence of about 10,000 wild animals that roam free across an area of 400 hectares of land.

Serbian tiger mauls woman to death

On Sunday, the Yanqing district government said  the women may have been involved in an argument.

According to the video footage, one of the women stepped out of the vehicle and made her way to the driver’s door where she wad suddenly attacked by a large Siberian tiger, which dragged her away. While the other woman bolted out of the car door to help, their male companion who was with them also ran towards the women and the tiger in a bid to help.

The first woman died, the second woman who is in intensive care sustained serious injuries but the man managed to escape unhurt.

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Visitors to Badaling Wildlife World are allowed to take self-drive tours around the park but they are always warned against stepping out of their cars due to the presence of wild animals.

The park has been closed temporarily as officials intend to investigate the case.

Watch the video here. 

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