Trending Right Now: Your MCM – What Your Friends Really Think Of Your Man Crush Monday

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your mcm

Your MCM is wonderful like Dwyane Wade, amazing like John Legend, sexy like the dude in Nicki Minaj’s Right Thru Me – Willie Monfret, well-built with six packs like Shaka Smith, has abs and stones like Idris Elba and is well-chiseled like Omar Hardwick in Power, not to mention as generous as Jesus. Your friends have their own opinion and it isn’t good.

As much as your buddies will click ‘like’ on your Facebook page or Instagram, retweet or love your MCM tweets, here’s what they really think so brace yourself.

The next time you get a notification from your social media and you spot a friend has liked your man crush post, bear in mind, they just might be thinking any of these thoughts while clicking send….

  • ‏@anwar_Francis – Your man crush monday is broke playing Pokemon.
  • @TheMCMTruth  – Your MCM chews xanax.
  • @YaGirlSmalls – Ok there’s nothing wrong with going out with more than one guy but you can’t post them all as your mcm.
  • @iamprinceromans – Your Man Crush M will buy you a bottle for the “pre game” just so he doesn’t have to spend money on you for the rest of the night at the club.. ??
  • @TheMCMTruth – Your Man Crush Monday was never a line leader in elementary.

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