Top 11 Adorable Flower Girl Dresses Trends for Summer 2016

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Are you getting married soon but have no idea what your flower girl should wear?


Don’t worry! Together with Sophia’s Style Boutique, we have put together for you a selection of adorable flower girl dress trends that are totally in this summer. Hopefully, they could help you narrow your search for the most adorable flower girl!


Let yourself be inspired by this charming girl gowns and pick an unique dress your flower girl will fall in love with and can’t wait to wear again and again.


Here are the top 11 flower girl dresses trends:


  1. Ruffle Skirt

Ruffle dresses can be a lot of fun! They’re perfect for spinning, twisting and dancing. Coming in various sizes and lengths, ruffle dresses look adorable on every flower girl.

Pro tip: for a smaller girl, choose a T-length dress so she wouldn’t accidentally trip on it.
2. Ivory Elegance

Ivory’s popularity has grown over the years and today brides prefer it over the classic pure white. Even if ivory is just a nuance of white, with a slightly yellow tint, it has a special, warmer tone. This tone can make anyone look good in wedding photos and it’s a very elegant option for a flower girl dress.


3. Pastels


If you’re a fan of pastels, this summer is your time to shine! Light pink, mauve, baby blue, mint green or lavender – top colors for an impeccable flower girl dress.
4. Bow-Back Dress

If you’re looking for an original way to wear a bow, this trend is surely for you. And your flower girl, of course. A back-bow is a very chic option, especially if you’re a big fan of pastel colors.
5. Bright colors
flower001360nobsThe flower girl dress doesn’t always have to be white! Bright colors are very stylish and perfect for an out of the box wedding. Fuchsia, purple, solar yellow or orange – the top choices in both brides’ and parents’ hearts.
6. Tulle Skirt


Tulle dresses are often known as ‘tutu skirts’ and traditionally they’re used by ballerinas. They are very popular among flower girls, especially because of their princess vibe. For special occasions, the usual length is knee-length but for a traditional wedding a long, ankle-length dress can be an excellent option too.

7. Two-Colors Ombre

flower013360nobsUsually, the flower girl dresses are one color (and maybe have a different sash color). If you want something else for your flower girl, a two-colors ombre dress can be really fun. The best color combinations: Light Pink & Ivory, Baby Blue & Ivory, Peach & Beige or Mauve & Light Green.
8. Fluid dresses


For a hot summer wedding, a fluid & light on the skin dress is the perfect fit. The basic the cut, the better! An A-line dress, inspired by the 1920’s simplicity can look really glamorous if you’re choosing the right accessories. For a long-lasting impression, try matching it with a floral headband or even an adorable flower crown.


9. Bouffant Skirt  


The bouffant skirt was forgotten for quite a while, but this summer is back! A bouffant skirt adds volume to the bottom of the dress. Depending on the fabric, the skirt can be more or less voluminous. The most common materials used are synthetic materials and tulle.


10. Tiny pattern


For a traditional wedding, a dress with a tiny pattern can be a success, especially if you’re trying to avoid a bridal look-a-like outfit. This kind of dress is elegant, but still simple and goes hand in hand with some really girlish accessories (a nice headband or a special hat can make a big difference!).

11. Lace


Lace is the king! The no. 1 flower girl dresses trend, lace has been preferred for special occasions since…ever! With limitless style options, lace can be successfully used in a huge no. of gowns, in all colors. You cannot go wrong with lace when it comes to flower girl dresses and you will surely find the perfect dress out there!

Tulle dress, A-line cut or maybe a pastel gown? What’s gonna be? Remember that there are not bad choices when it comes to flower girl dresses, just maybe some uninspired ones. So hope you’ve received your much-needed dose of inspiration on flower girl dresses before hitting the stores!

Get your flower girl (and her mom, of course) and good luck finding the perfect dress! Happy shopping, everyone!


Valentina C

Valentina C

Valentina is a young mother and a Children Fashion Manager for Sophia's Style Boutique, where she brings in new kids clothing collections, enjoys writing for the blog and helps customers get the best items for their little ones!

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