Theresa May Replaces Cameron As British PM, Sets To Fill Cabinet Positions With Women

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Theresa May is ready to promote women into some of the most senior positions in her Government on Wednesday after becoming the second female Prime Minister in Britain’s history.

The incoming prime minister, who replaced David Cameron, will announce the reshuffle today, after she moves into Downing Street with her husband, Philip. May will take up residence at No 10, after an audience at Buckingham Palace, where the Queen will confirm her new role.

May, 59, is replacing Cameron, who is resigning after Britons rejected his advice and voted on June 23 to quit the EU.

A well informed, top official says it’s important that Britain’s next prime minister gets on with sorting out the implications of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union as soon as possible, reports Associated Press.

Speaking after it became apparent that Theresa May could replace David Cameron as soon as this week, Jeroen Dijsselbloem said the next British prime minister will have to “find solutions for the Brexit which has been causing a lot of problems particularly for the U.K., but also for Europe.”

He said that the “sooner we can sort out this problematic situation the better.”

The appointments are intended to create a more gender-balanced cabinet, which has been called for by campaigners as a way to improve policy making. Some of the most senior roles in the cabinet will be occupied by women.

“It was Theresa who set up the campaign to elect more female MPs to parliament, and she has always believed that there should be more women in prominent government positions,” said a spokeswoman for May.

Meanwhile, German leaders have stepped up the pressure on Britain’s incoming Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday by demanding she swiftly spell out when she will launch the divorce proceedings with the European Union.

“The task of the new prime minister … will be to get clarity on the question of what kind of relationship Britain wants to build with the European Union,” Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference.



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