Snoop Dogg Sets Fire To Donald Trump, His Wife, His A** And His Hair

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“How you going to have your wife get at Michelle Obama n***a? F**k you n***a”, Snoop Dogg fires at Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential candidate had his wife Melanie Trump deliver a plagiarized speech belonging to Michelle Obama and has faced the whipping of practically every celebrity alive. And Snoop is one of them.

While smoking his famous weed and playing a track in the background which disses Trump, Snoop Dogg shared a video where he set the poor man, his wife, his ass and his hair on fire.

Snoop continued, “Now I’m on a mission too. Yeah n***a, f**k Donald Trump. We ain’t voting for your punk a**. Go get you a new hairdo b***h a** n***a.”

snoop dogg
Snopp Dogg sets Donald Trump On Fire

The post which garnered over a hundred thousand views had Snoop supporters saying,

  • josue_morales11 – Trump is dump… Yea fuck him his little racist ass
  • meddystoper – Fuck Donald trump snoop you kill it ?

Snoop Dogg is extremely influential when it comes to matters such as these and if he’s making it his mission to “Fuck Donald Trump” then Trump is practically already fucked up.

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Watch Snoop set Donald Trump on fire

Fuck. Donald trump yea I said it ??✨???. @yg @nipseyhussle ✊??????

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

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