Signed, Sealed, Delivered… Tiwa Savage Officially Inks RocNation Deal ?

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tiwa savage

Tiwa Savage is officially a RocNation artist after inking her signatures to the documents, Thursday.

After her performance at the One Africa Music Fest, Tiwa Savage threw the diamond hand sign which is a trademark of Jay Z. This act sealed her place as a RocNation star.

In a recent interview in New York, Ms Savage shed light on her deal with Roc Nation and on representing the African music brand.

She said, “I met B High (Jay Z’s cousin, and Roc Nation chief of mobile strategies), I got a call, and he mentioned it and… He was serious.”

“I don’t know if you’ve ever met him, but he is serious. And I love the fact that they are not trying to change me. They really just want to bring what I already have to offer to the rest of the world, and they truly believe in the movement. So yeah, I’m really excited about it.”

tiwa savage

Tiwa continued, “The reason why we did not really make too much noise about it is because a lot of people come over from Africa and they say they’ve got this deal and that deal, and then nothing happens. We just wanted to do it the proper way, get it official.”

“I didn’t want to do that to my people. I wanted them to really believe that it was really happening, so we wanted to wait for the right time, and the time is now.”

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The mother-of-one said about African music while observing the diversity in the continent.

“When we speak of Africa, we have to always remember that it is a continent. And so you have South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, and it’s just a huge continent with different cultures, and different languages.”

“So right now, the prominent music out of Africa seems to be Afrobeat or Afropop (depending on what you want to call it).”

“Essentially it’s just music with African elements. Whether it be the rhythm, or maybe the native language. As long as you can have one or two of those, then it tends to be associated with Africa.”

tiwa savage

The Mavin’s star added that Africans love to dance and use lots of drums and bass-lines in their music. The most popular genres being Afrobeat and/or Afropop.

“I think everybody essentially, we all have an element of it, but we are all influenced by the music coming out of America, we are influenced by Hip-Hop, we are influenced by Soul Music, R&B, and I think that is the beauty of it.”

“Blending both markets together. So when you say African-American, truly, that’s where it should be, between the African and the American world, just blending both together.” She concluded. 

Tiwa Savage’s new deal with RocNation is evidence that our Nigerian artistes are keeping their international market game strong.

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