REZthaPoet releases “Exposit Album (Deluxe Edition)”

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REZthaPoet releases "Exposit Album (Deluxe Edition)"

Get that REZthaPoet Experience you’ve been waiting for.

As promised, Exposit album (Deluxe Edition) is out now!

Featuring critically acclaimed Spokenword hits ‘I Am’ and ‘One and The Same’ and several other jewels, Exposit is the spoken word album set to change the game. Hear REZ:

“This album is ten years in the making,” REZ says, taking a pause from touring, “It’s an intro of sorts, something to keep me in the hearts of my fans. We’re just beginning.”

Available exclusively on for now; users* (android, PC/Windows and others) can stream album snippets and purchase album/tracks as desired.

*Exposit will be released on iTunes and other music stores on August 22nd. Till then, Apple users (iPhone, MAC etc.) will need to use alternate options like those indicated above for streaming and purchase.

Everyone is able to listen to the album snippets on REZ’s website. But for a taste of the full album, listen to ‘Asake (ft. @AdolOrin) here, another Spokenword gem from the album.

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

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