Was A Remix for Kolewerk By Koker “Totally Needed“?

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Was A Remix for Kolewerk By Koker “Totally Needed“?

Chocolate City’s music artiste “Koker“, was one of the most played artistes in 2015 after he surfaced with the Fuji influenced Reinhard and L3 produced tune titled ‘Do Something’.

He’s well known for fusing rhythm and blues together with Fuji, coupled with his unique and catchy vocals.

Earlier this year–February 9th, 2016 to be precise–he released the killer tune KoleWerk. A well appreciated tune with phrases such as “Shu!! shuperu.. Warri!! Warrido???“ “ATM password; baby kolewerk“ that have become a trend.

Image Source: Twitter [Foza]
Image Source: Twitter [Foza]
Image Source: Twitter [Mayowa George]
Image Source: Twitter [Mayowa George]
The buzz for the original version of KoleWerk was loud for a while till someone reduced the volume.

On the 17th of June, 2016, a remix of KoleWerk was released, and it featured the ever burning Olamide.

After listening to the song, I pondered awhile, if the remix was necessarily needed.

But he got the right person on the song, and also at the right time; just when Olamide’s Who U Epp was trending –Tiempo perfecto (Perfect timing)–.

Olamide switched the song with his indigenous rap ability and flowing skills delivering funny lines like “Oju pupa idi dudu” with Notable Lyrics: “Ko ni da fun awon to ni ara baba o ya //  eko wole ewe lo jade // a ti kpa a ti kun // a wa ni eyan MAYORKUN // ori iya mi eleko …

If you understand Yoruba you’d get what Olamide did with that line –making reference to Mayorkun’s “Eleko”-.

Koker on the other hand, delivered some tweaked lyrics –if not totally brand new lyrics– and also took advantage of the present fuel price in a quick verse –see some lines below–

Baddoo Koker, KoleWerk // ela o // O Ma Ti Werk // fuel 145, KoleWerk // u wan hangout // omoge sho ma trek?.“

Was A Remix “Totally Needed“?

…In my opinion, I’d say yes, a remix for the song was totally needed.

Sure, the remix is banger but I don’t think it’s anything close to the original version. But to me, the remix served as a refreshment on what a ? talent Koker is.

So, if you haven’t listened to this joint, it’s never to late to do so, and don’t forget that my opinion may differ from what you think.

Your opinion is also welcome HERE

Click here to stream KOLEWERK REMIX


PS: Perhaps, we can expect the video for KoleWerk (Remix) by Koker featuring Olamide soon!

Photographed by QD Salami

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