Payment Don Easy With Quickteller Paypoint

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Quickteller Paypoint

Something don come wey go make life easy or if you sharp, you fit shine ya eye take put extra money for ya pocket… No be joke o, na truth I dey tell you.

You don hear of Quickteller Paypoint?

Plenty boku yarns dey for you, just relax make we gist you.

Quickteller Paypoint don come to epp you on top all your payment matter. Whether na NEPA or LAWMA bill or make you pay money for person account, anything you wan do, Paypoint don come to helep us make payment easy o.

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You don dey ask; how person fit make all this boku boku payment abi?

Just enter any Quickteller Paypoint agent shop for ya street. E easy, sweet and sharp sharp like that.

So if your DSTV finish, you fit pay for that shop wey dey corner as long as say im be Quickteller Paypoint Agent.

If you wan send money, you no need to get bank account, just enter that PayPoint location wey dey your area and dem go send am sharp sharp. Even Dafe wey you send money go dey shout, “Bros, you too fast. I hail you”

You sef fit make money as Quickteller Paypoint agent. Na just to call Quickteller tell them say you wan be agent and dem go arrange everything for you make you sef start your own business, sharp sharp just like that.

So anytime, you wan make any kain payment, remember say you fit do am for that neighbour house with Quickteller Paypoint!

For more tori on this shabe opportunity abi you wan ask question on how to become Agent? Call: 01-7004347, email us for or visit for more tori.

‘Quickteller Paypoint… Na im pay pass!’



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