#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 5: Of Emotions And Stage Performances

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Academy Day 4 of the #ProjectFame 9.0 academy had the contestants learning about how important stage craft was, with almost every single one of them picking up important lessons on how to complement their voices with their stage performances from the choreographer, Ms. Lovette who obviously had a mastery of the craft.

The lessons for academy day 5 were of a different and higher dimension as Mummy J took the contestants on an emotional class. She told the contestants that there are basically 5 emotions expressed by all and this are Anger, Fear, Grief/sadness, Happiness and Joy.

She asked the contestants to each pick a different form of the emotion and create a small story from the emotions picked.

After the first set of activity, Mummy J asked the contestants to pair up and pick another set of emotions while stressing that emotions will help them as performers to connect with their audience.

She encouraged the contestants to create a performer persona that will inhabit the emotion of a particular song which will in turn make them give a performance their audience can relate to.

She told them that every person has a particular emotion that they do not like to show but that as performers, you have to be willing to show different emotions at every point in time.

It was a deep session with Mummy J in which the contestants got more information to add to their arsenal as the gala nights are just some hours away.

The contestants also shared with viewers all the lessons they have learnt this week and the areas they believe they need to work on individually.

Elizabeth was of the opinion that are vocals are top notch and all she needs to work on is matching her vocals with good stage craft. Steve said he is well prepared and that he has worn himself out while Yusuph was of the opinion that he is ready to wow the audience.

Kitay complained about the song not being one that he can comfortably perform but that since its a competition, he’d bring his best to the performance.

Okiemute on her part said she believes she’s ready and hopes the faculty and Judges see what her song is supposed to express.

All the contestants seem prepared and one thing seems certain, the gala night will be one that will be action-packed with electrifying performances.



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