#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 4: Preparations For The Weekend Reach Top Gear

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Contestants of the #ProjectFame 9.0 are leaving nothing to chance as almost every single one of them seems ready to give their all to the competition. With this weekend being the first gala show in which the contestants will be stepping on stage to perform the songs that were handed over to them at the beginning of the week by Uncle Ben.

Academy Day 4 kicked off with Ms. Ige, the voice coach who had an inspiring and comprehensive session with the contestants. She started with the basics, which allowed the contestants to clear their airways in preparation for the day’s rehearsals. She encouraged each contestant to be comfortable with their vocal strength and she gave them tips to improve their vocal abilities. Furthermore, it was obvious that the contestants could not wait for their first taste of stage performance as some of them brought good performances to the rehearsals.

After Ms. Ige’s class, it was time for the Academy Choreographer, Ms. Lovette to teach the contestants about honing their stage craft. She told the contestants that it was important for them to be as fit as a fiddle if they had any hope of impressing the judges and entertaining the viewers with their performances. She also told the contestants that their ability to merge good vocals with a suave stage presence is a perfect combination that will surely attract viewers to become their fans.

Ms Lovette gave a lot of practical demonstrations to the contestants on controlling the stage and getting the audience to become enthralled with their performance while also giving good tips which all of them seemed eager to apply in the upcoming weekend gala nights. The contestants are gradually settling in and their performances are slowly getting better.



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