#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 3: Bizarre Tale Of A Placenta Coming Out Of Someone’s Mouth And More…

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It’s already the third day of the contestants in the academy and they have all but settled in to the house even though some still appear to be struggling with the day to day rigorous classes and routine of the academy. The activities of the day kicked off for the contestants with Mummy J’s class which brought a bit of fun to the academy. She asked the contestants to tell her how they came about their names, from the origin of the names to any peculiar reason why they were given their names individually. She also asked each of the contestants to name who their music legend is.

This activity was quite revealing as all the contestants had wonderful stories behind their names with that of winner particularly standing out. She revealed that her placenta came out through her mother’s mouth and that she was supposed to be named ‘overcomer’ but her parents changed her name to winner when she survived another ‘spiritual’ attack.

Almost all the contestants had their music role models from Americans and Europeans which was something Mummy J wasn’t happy about. She told them to have a paradigm shift to indigenous musical artists. She encouraged them to stay in Africa and celebrate Africa as nobody will do so for them.

It was however a paradigm shift of sort for Winner as the boldness she displayed during Mummy J’s class practically vanished into thin air during Uncle Ben’s class. She asked Uncle Ben if she could turn away from him while she rehearsed as his face made her tense. Uncle Ben obliged her and she did fairly well. Yusuph added the Fuji flavour to his rehearsal of Joe’s ‘I wanna Know’ but struggled with remembering the lyrics.

Mirabel had a tough time getting her lines as she was nervous and timid. Uncle Ben asked her what she’s been doing with her time. She had to learn the hard way as Uncle Ben went hard on her. He told her to fix herself as he took his leave from the academy.



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