Project Fame Season 9 Academy Day 2: Contestants Meet Faculty Members

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The contestants of MTN Project Fame Season 9 are slowly settling in and adjusting to the real reason why they are in the academy, following their outburst of joy and happiness on their very first day.

The contestants meet Uncle Ben, one of the members of the academy on their first day, and met Mummy J and Ms. Ige, two other members of the faculty on Day 2. The faculty consists of four members who play roles in teaching and developing the musical talents and abilities of the contestants. The members of the faculty are The Principal – Mummy J, Music Director – Uncle Ben, Voice Coach – Ms Ige and the Choreographer.

Mummy J commenced the classes for the day with each of the contestants introducing themselves. She thereafter went on to ask each of them what their dreams and ambitions are. After they all talked about what they intend to do in the nearest future, Mummy J told them that she was happy with the fact that all of them had something in common which was the fact that they all wanted to leave their mark and footprints in the sand of time.

During the course of Mummy J’s class, she made mention to the contestants the fact that the first and probably the most important rule in the academy is to arrive early for classes and not keep any of the faculty members waiting but not all the contestants appeared to get the memo. The voice coach- Ms. Ige got to class before a number of the contestants did but she took it in stride probably because it’s still early days in the house. She proceeded to have a wonderful voice training session with all the contestants who were obviously joyous that they are beginning to settle in for the main reason why they are in the academy.



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