Prince Harry Takes HIV Test On Facebook Live, And He Is Just As Nervous As Every First Timer

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Prince Harry decided to show everyone just how not-so-easy it is for even a royal to get tested for HIV. Thou Shalt Not Fear.

The 31-year-old took the test which was broadcasted live on Facebook, Thursday morning, (July, 14) at a Burrell Street Sexual Health Centre, London clinic.

Harry said he took the test to de-stigmatize and raise awareness on how easy it is for a person to get tested and know their status.

Using the finger-prick test, the royalty nervously sat down, got pricked, and got his negative result in a space of minutes, all the while broadcasting it on the royal family’s Facebook page.

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He admitted his nervousness to Robert Palmer, a psycho-sexual counselor, who was helping Harry with the process.

The Prince confessed, “Even being the person I am and knowing the type of people I’m around, I’m still nervous. Which is interesting.”

In the video, Palmer asked him to relax as he slightly pricked him, the prince can be heard saying, “Weirdly, that didn’t even hurt.”

prince harry
Prince Harry nervously gets tested for HIV on Facebook Live

The test result usually comes in a single blue dot for negative, and two spots for a positive result.

As he waited for to know his status, the Prince asked what the biggest fear was for those who came in to get tested at which Palmer replied it was the fear of the unknown.

Palmer said, “not knowing. more than anything else. It’s our job to let people know about their help and make sure we keep people well and healthy.”

His results came back and he was informed it was non-reactive, that’s negative in basic English.

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The Prince stated that if it had come back with two dots i.e him being positive, well the conversation would be different.

The delighted Prince acted just how anyone who didn’t know their status but just found out they are negative would, he shifted from nervous to confident.

Speaking for the sake of those watching back home Prince Harry said he appreciated getting tested as it was a “life-changing moment” for him.

Have you gotten tested for HIV lately?

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