Police Officers Falsely Arrest The Man Who Made Alton Sterling’s Murder Video Go Viral

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Police officers arrested Chris LeDay at his place of work, twenty-four hours after he made the video of Alton Sterling getting murdered by Baton Rouge cops go viral.

Le Day was the first person to publish the video online and make it garner national and international popularity by sharing it on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media accounts which had a combined following of over sixteen thousand followers.

His post was picked up by media outlets and the New York Daily News’s Shaun King also shared it. LeDay insists he didn’t make the original footage.

alton sterling

The Georgia resident shared on his Facebook that he was being detained by military and civilian police officers after being informed he fit the description of someone who was wanted for battery. He was later led to the police station in handcuffs and shackles where he was informed his charges was unpaid traffic tickets.

The 34-year-old admitted to the unpaid traffic charges which he paid the in the sum of one-thousand-two-hundred-and-thirty-one-thousand $1,231 or N348,065. He also wondered if it warranted the special treatment he received over it.

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LeDay believes his arrest had to do with his involvement with sharing the video as someone wants him to get fired from his job. Either way, he said he will not stop speaking out against police abuse.

“We need to diffuse what the cops are doing,” LeDay said. “They want to say that not all cops are bad but they are not speaking out against the bad cops. It just keeps getting worse and people are getting tired of it. I just want some change to occur.”

alton sterling
Chris LeDay

Chris LeDay who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where the shooting occurred.

He told Photography Is Not A Crime he had found out about the video through his friends from back home and that since the shooting occurred on Tuesday morning nothing was being done about it so he decided to change that by revealing the truth to the world.

Prior to the release of the video, the shooting was already generating controversy as the local news reported that; the store owner in whose shop the shooting took place was saying Sterling’s murder was unjustified; Alton Sterling had sustained several shots in his front and back according to the coroner’s report; and the cops involved in the shooting said their body cams had fallen off, so there was no video as proof of what had actually happened with the shooting.

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