Should Parents Kiss Their Children On The Lips? Victoria Beckham Whipped For Kissing Her Daughter

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victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham was whipped for kissing her five-year-old daughter, Harper Beckham, on the lips.

In a snap shared for the tot’s five-year-old birthday, the image depicted the former Spice girl planting a kiss or rather a peck on her daughter’s mouth while in a pool, with the caption, “Happy Birthday baby girl ??? We all love you so much ??? X… kisses from mummy.”

The image seemed to offend some as the comments opined it was wrong for her to kiss her own daughter on the lips.

While some had sexual undercurrents as to their reason for rejecting the image, others were more health conscious, considering adults have more dirt and bacteria in their mouth compared to kids.

victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham backlashed for kissing her own daughter

One comment she got read, “Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they making out.”

Just as yet another wrote, “A lot of kids get cold sores from their parents kissing them on the mouth.”

And yet another stated, “It is strange to kiss your parents on the lips. Stop saying to other people it isn’t if they think it is because guess what they aren’t the only one.”

While Victoria Beckham was getting shaded, her husband David Beckham got more favorable response with his own birthday shot of his daughter.

victoria beckham
David Beckham’s photograph seemed more favorable

One user said about Victoria’s photograph while praising the father. “Horrible pic. David Beckham’s birthday pic is much nicer and a lot less controversial than this.”

Read the opinion of users who came to Mrs Beckham’s defense.

  • gillybblue – Disgusting that people are making this out to be bad the only thing that is sick is the people that even think this is bad. Its a mummy kissing her little baby girl. Its beautiful VB ignore the sick minded people.
  • laurena1989What a sad time to live in when a mother can be ridiculed for giving her daughter a kiss! Beautiful photo ❤️
  • celdivisioni never kiss my kids on the lips, but that’s because kids mouths are disgusting, always sticky and crumb infested….if you can bear to kiss someone on the lips, it has to be a great bonding experience…
  • joannapillin Omg what is wrong with people?? The people thinking it’s wrong now there the ones that need there heads checking because they are the ones thinking it’s more than what it is! Normal people just see a mother giving her daughter a kiss! Fucked up people read more into it!!
  • kat_1984_I will never understand how some people, can take such an amazing show of love for your own child, and twist it into something ugly!! This is a beautiful photo ??
  • amysu340Why does anybody even care?? It’s a mother and her daughter. People should just leave them be instead of being so bloody judgemental. Other mothers do far worse to kids but because they aren’t “famous” nobody has anything to say about it.

The question remains, Should parents kiss their kids on the lips? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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