Violence in Congo: A Female Opening Act for Davido’s Concert Was Raped

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Davido had a concert at the Stade Municipal de Lubumbashi, Congo, Friday, but couldn’t perform after violence ensued between police officers and his fans last night.

Amidst the ruckus, one of his female opening acts got raped and OBO fled the venue with his HKN gang lest he got mobbed by the over thirty-five-thousand people who had gathered to watch his performance.

OBO shared the news via Snapchat with a series of snap captions, “OMG, theres’s a riot at my show. Damn. Police Vs Fans, crazy fucking shit. OMG, they raped one of the artists opening for me. Shit. Backstage ah madness.”

Davido did promise to return to Congo soon, hopefully under better conditions.


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Meanwhile, the DMW Boss made an attempt to answer the question on everyone’s lips regarding his highly anticipated album.

“The album is done, everything, but funny enough, two days before we were about to drop the album, we got a call from a very big corporation that wants to be involved in the album distribution, that’s why we pulled back,” he said.

“There’s no point doing things the same. If you are going to do it big, there’s no point doing it at all.” He added, “That’s why I chilled back, and I want to let the big corporations do their work. But the album is coming.”

Well, we are waiting.

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Watch Snapchats’ below from the HKN gang boss

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