What Nigerians Really Think About Being A Nigerian

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Ever wondered what your fellow Nigerians thought about their country? Ever questioned the patriotism of the Nigeria people? Or considered anyone’s true thoughts on what they really saw when they looked into their country?

Don’t wander or wonder further.

Here is what Nigerians really think and it’s not good, at all. Matter-of-factly, it’s extremely hilarious.

Refers to the beating a Nigerian child receives for misplacing money when sent on an errand. Why do they beat their children for misplacing money though?

The evil joy a boy feels when a girl crush gets put in the family way. The beef is real.

 Take your pick, which best resonates with your childhood? They did beat us like slaves though.

Thanks to android phones with camera and video recorder, everyone can finally know you went to church.

On a real though, no one does Jollof life as good as Nigerians.

We know, we went through it too. Sadly we always got reminded how many decades we have been fed free-of-charge if we dared to ask for the money back.

The way every Nigerian mum used this line, it’s hard to believe they don’t have the same ancestors.

Goals. The dream of every Nigerian child and adult.

Ohhhhhhhh. Who did this? Lol.

That is code word for “you need deliverance”.

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