All You Need To Know About Pokemon Go: The New Game Everyone Is Talking About

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By now, there’s a likelihood you have heard about the Pokemon Go and you’re wondering what the buzz is all about. Well, the Pokemon Go is what everyone is talking about and it is an augmented reality game that is meant for smartphones.

How It Works


Pokemon Go makes use of your global positioning system (GPS) and involves the players playing the game walking around in the real world catching small cutesy that are virtual monsters. The world you see on your Pokemon Go screen corresponds to the world you see around you. These cutesies are known as Pikachu and Jigglypuff and they can be caught in areas and places that are close to the location your phone places you in. These cutesies can be caught and taught to fight with each other.
The monsters in the game were initially popular in the early 1990s when they were featured on the Nintendo Game Boy. Pokemon has been a cartoon programme and has also been released on Game Boy. This is however the first time Pokemon Go will be featuring on a smartphone as a game.

How Successful Is The Game?
So far, the game has added about 7 billion US dollars to the value of Nintendo company since its release. It has also dominated gaming charts in the in the US and it is immensely popular among teenagers and young adults.

Pokemon Go Terms
Understanding the Pokemon Go Terms is an important first step in playing the game. Pokemon Go is a monster mobile hit that has a number of interesting terms which can aid users in playing the game. The common Pokemon Go Terms and their meanings are listed below.
Pokemon means pocket monster
Pokestop is any landmark you visit during the course of playing the game
Pokeball is a weaponry supply which can be thrown to capture Pokemon for training
Gym refers to any location where Pokemon battle each other
Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon and an icon of Japanese culture.

How And Where Can I Get The Game?
Pokemon Go is available on Google Play for android devices and On the App Store for Apple products such as iPhone and ipads. The game is free but has some features that can be bought to make playing easier. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available in Nigeria and the rest of Africa but is available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The game developers also hope to add the United Kingdom and Japan to the list of countries in which the game can be played.

How Safe Is Pokemon Go?
It’s best the game is played with friends and around locations you are conversant with to avoid robbery and other untoward things. More so, players should pay as much attention as possible to the things in front of them while playing to avoid falling and hurting themselves. When you sign up to play the game, you allow the game company- Niantic Labs to use your location and share it through the application which is similar to what a lot of networking applications ask for.
Privacy however seems to be an issue because the game works in real time which means that if you’re close to someone else playing the game, you’d most likely see them in real life. You can turn the location off on the application just as you can on with Facebook and Twitter but doing so will reduce the functionality of the game which may even make it impossible to play it.



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