Mourinho Expects A Lot From Man Utd Fans

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José Mourinho has stated he wants a lot from the Manchester United fans. As he is looking to start an aggressive campaign.

The two-time Chelsea boss has started his three-year contract. He replaces Louis van Gaal at the helm.

United have finished seventh, fourth, and fifth since SAF left In 2013. And the Portuguese manager is asking for the immediate backing of the fans.

He told adidas Front Row: “I am not humble when I talk about targets, I’m quite aggressive on that.

“I want everything and everything is to win matches, play well, score goals, don’t concede goals – everything. I want everything.

“I know that we are speaking about a hypothetical situation which is very difficult to reach but I want everything.”

He added: “I understand that they expect a lot from me but I also expect a lot from them.

“There is no chance we will be happy if we are not together and I think the passion [they have] for this club is really amazing.

“It’s a new chapter in the club’s life. Always when you change a manager, I feel it is a sad moment but it is a new chapter now.

“We have brought a few new faces in, we will keep some others but, in the end, it doesn’t matter who the manager is, who the new players are or who is staying or leaving, it’s Man United and Man United is much more than any one of us.

“The passion the fans have is for the club and I feel that I am a club man.

“When I arrived, I wore the [United] shirt immediately and this is the kind of club and the kind of shirt that I am very proud to represent. I am going to do my best to be happy and to make the people happy.”



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