Micheal Jackson’s Son, Prince Jackson Slammed For Saying #AllLivesMatter And Not #BlackLivesMatter

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prince jackson

Prince Jackson has faced serious social media vitriol after he took to Twitter to address the hashtag and focus on #BlackLivesMatter and opted the world should rather be focused on #AllLivesMatter following the racist shooting of two black men, Anton Sterling and Philando Castille this week.

The teenager refused to see either cause as a separate movement and opined all lives were just as important regardless what skin color or race.

prince jackson
Prince Jackson slammed for comparing #BlackLivesMatter with #AllLivesMatter

He wrote in a series of tweets:

“I understand that you want to focus on #blacklivesmatter but why only focus on one life that matters when all do. Why just protect only one race I honestly cried when I saw #AltonSterling son cry because I know what it’s like to have a father taken.

It’s time to stand up, for your safety, your family’s safety, your loved ones’ safety and even your neighbors’ safety.”

That’s not to say all cops are brutal racists, that’s not the case, but there are a significant few who have ruined the lives of many. Because the one group of people who are tasked(and payed) for our protection are shooting our brothers and sisters.

We are now living in a world where it’s dangerous to go to public gatherings because of terrorist attacks and we cannot feel safe.”

But to focus on one race excludes other races. I was raised by the world and know how different races are prosecuted. If there is some confusion let me correct myself.

Black lives do matter and unfortunately are being wrongfully executed. Something must be done. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊????#AllLivesMatter #ManintheMirror.

Everyone need to look in the mirror and start the change there because it’s not just black lives that matter it’s all lives.”

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As good intentioned as Prince Jackson’s perspective might seem, many disagreed while reminding him that The Black Lives Matter wouldn’t be a movement in the first place if All Lives Matter seeing as African American’s had the highest ratio of racially-incited killings.

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