Meet “The Governor”, Angelo Ochello, Savannah State’s 1st Female Governor On EbonyLifeTV’s New Series

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the governor

“The Governor” series a high octane political drama which tells the story of a woman thrust into power she never bargained for aired its debut series on Thursday, (July, 7) at 9PM WAT on EbonyLife TV.

Written by Yinka Ogun, Debo Oluwatuminu and Tunde Babalola and directed by Ema Edosio, the storyline tells the tale of Angela Ochello, (played by British-Nigerian actress Caroline Chikezie of Aeon Flux, BBC’s Casualty, Channel 4’s As If) the Deputy Governor of Savannah State who with no governorship ambitions finds herself suddenly entangled in a web of political intrigue after the untimely death of the incumbent Governor.

the governor
Caroline Chikeze as Angela Ochello, Savannah State’s 1st Female Governor

The story transits its audience on a journey with the character, Angela, to see how with the help of her trusted Chief of Staff, she learns to maneuver through the rough and shark-infested waters of politics whilst balancing the demands of her matrimonial home.

“The Governor’s” scenery is set in Savannah, a coastal state in Western Africa established in 1964 and extremely rich in iron ore.

the governor
The Governor

Known for its widely spaced grassland with temperate weather conditions and unique tourist attractions, Savannah has a population of 15 million people majority of who are fishermen and farmers.

The rich cultural diversity and political awareness of the people makes it one of the most politically active states in the country.

Constituents and citizens alike will be taken through the shadowy often gruesome corridors of power as the series promises to be packed with lots of intrigue, drama and sometimes humor.

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Can Angela stand up to her rivals and assume her place as Governor? Will the fear of losing her husband cause her to forfeit this opportunity?

Other cast members include Bimbo Manuel, Baaj Adebule, Kachi Nnochiri, and Simi Adejumo amongst others.

The 13-episode series kicked off on Thursday 7th of July exclusively on EbonyLife TV (DSTV Channel 165).

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