Maria’s Matters: 5 Signs He’s Embarrassed Of You ft Yemi Alade (Episode 11)

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Maria's Matters

How would you know YOUR significant other is embarrassed of you? This week on Maria’s Matters, the host together with Mama Africa, Yemi Alade share with us 5 signs he is embarrassed of you.

Maria Okanrende or Maria Okan is a Beat FM 99.9 OAP who started her web series/vlog titled Maria’s Matters.

She’s had chats with the most diverse personalities – Ycee, Emma Nyra, Gideon Okeke, Cynthia Morgan, Ush Bebe and Lil Kesh – discussing topics that girls and possibly guys have always wanted to ask.

In Maria’s Matters, she discusses the most controversial aspects of dating and relationships. Maria’s Matters series truly forges her unique identity, sharing the things that matter to her the most!

Last week, Maria warned us of how bad breath can keep you from that dream man or dream girl. She shared 5 tips to help you check your ‘breath’ status!

In this week’s episode, she sits with reigning queen of African music, Mama Africa, Yemi Alade.

The sexy Na Gode singer co-hosts “5 Signs He’s Embarrassed Of You” with Maria on the latest episode of Maria’s Matters.

Do you go out with your partner in public? Are you only allowed to see him after 10pm?! Are his friends even aware that you’re his girlfriend?!

Watch as both ladies have fun pointing out TIPS that suggest HE IS DEFINITELY EMBARRASSED OF YOU!

Watch Maria’s Matters Season 1, Episode 11 below

Host/co-producer: Maria Okanrende
D.O.P/Editor: Flaev Beatz
Wardrobe: Zazaii
Make up: Nemar Beauty
Camera equipment: Mila Modal
Filmed at: B-Hive (Lekki, Lagos)

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Catch the full episode and more about Maria Okanrende at:

You can also watch more on  Maria’s Matters/subscribe to her YouTube channel at

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