Linda Ikeji Exonerated In Her #SaveMayowa Story, Toyin Aimakhu Speaks Out

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linda ikeji

Linda Ikeji has been branded illogical and unprofessional for publishing a story involving Mayowa Ahmed . Toyin Aihmakhu went to Luth and confirmed it was a scam.

Linda was right afterall. 

Linda reported that Mayowa had ovarian cancer and was at a delicate stage in her illness as her doctors said there was nothing that could be done.

She also said the patient’s family used Mayowa’s situation to gather money from unwitting Nigerians and that the  campaign was a scam.

Toyin Aimakhu who made the  campaign become general knowledge was at LUTH with police officers to probably arrest the culprits, according to Linda.

Linda wrote: “You see, Mayowa is really sick. She truly has Ovarian cancer. She’s admitted at LUTH but she didn’t need money for surgery, because doctors had told Mayowa she was beyond treatment and no hospital in the world could treat her as she was extremely far gone.

Mayowa had reached stage 4 and doctors, unfortunately, already told her family she won’t survive it and had advised them to take her home. Her family instead used her situation to raise money from Nigerians.

The doctors in LUTH have also denied giving her family a medical report advising her to seek treatment abroad.”

Toyin Aimakhu, who was one of those who spearheaded the fundraising, as you read this, is at LUTH right now with police officers. Some people also went to the family’s home and the place is locked up. Will share video from the scene at LUTH, involving Toyin and one other donor later…

#SaveMayowa raised over $100k on GoFundMe and millions of Naira.”

Not speaking in defense of Linda but there was actually a fake account set up for Mayowa and Toyin Aimakhu unearthed it. Yet, a simple search of Toyin’s Instagram showed she was with Mayowa in Luth, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, YNaija said they spoke ‘exclusively to Aimakhu’ who went to Luth today.

She said, “They tagged me, she sent a message to me… they said she’s my huge fan saying she had cancer and she needed help and wanted me to come… I showed the doctor the (medical) report and the doctor said ‘which report?’. They said it was a fake report.”

“They just came up with the plan on Sunday. They now came to LUTH to appear as if they were in LUTH. When they saw me they said I did not help them to beg for money… that they don’t know anything,” Aimakhu added.

This means Linda was right.

Toyin Aimakhu at Luth today


Police Officers Toyin took along with her to Luth
Police Officers Toyin took along with her to Luth

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Mayowa’s family released a statement in an attempt to prove Linda’s news false and twitter put Linda on fire.

If Toyin Aimakhu who championed the cause says the Mayowa campaign was a scam then it is. And Linda was wrongly thrown under the bus.

Agreed she must have published some very questionable stories in the past, but today, she is right and was falsely accused.

One Twitter user wrote, “It’s simple logic to hear from every source possible and try to source for information before blogging. But Linda Ikeji is often not logical.”

  •  – Well, Mayowa’s family just released a public statement and the long and short of the matter is that Ms Ikeji is trash.
  •  – Linda Ikeji is fast becoming the most hated person on social Media.
 Ms Linda, was wrongly thrown under the bus in these tweets. Maybe she did deserve them from some of her past stories, but not today and not with this story.

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