Lamar Odom Finds New Home As Khloe Kardashian Closes Cheque Book On His Rent

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Lamar Odom finds himself a new home as Khloe Kardashian quits paying for his twenty-five-grand-a-month-pad in Calabasas.

Khloe had doled out $25grand or N7,068,750, a month in payment for the lush apartment, which was situated near her own house so she could be close enough to nurse him back to health following his overdose in Las Vegas, last year.

lamar odom
Khloe Kardashian pulls back from paying Lamar Odom’s rent

One of the numerous reasons for Khloe closing her cheque book on the monthly-rented 6,400 square foot pad included two clauses, which he stated while responding to her second divorce filing on Friday, (June, 9) in a Los Angeles Superior Court.

One, he requested the court reject any spousal support for the 31-year-old and two, she should pay his legal fees.

Another reason she made the decision to quit paying for the apartment for her soon-to-be ex-husband was because of the crack pipe found in the home last month by members of her family when they went visiting Lamar.

lamar odom
Lamar Odom isn’t homeless, per se, he just doesn’t have his own home

While news of Lamar Odom being homeless has filtered out, other reports implied he is not homeless but has a nice place in California.

Calling the story a lie, the father-of-two is reportedly living in a rented home in Sherman Oaks and has left Khloe’s paid pad.

“It was always a temporary agreement that he live there until he gets back on his feet,” A source from Lamar said. “He is doing well. He is determined to stay on the straight and narrow [path] and wants to be the best father he can possibly be and he is doing the work required to achieve that. It is not easy, but he is focused and determined.”

Lamar is said to have amassed a wealth of one-hundred-million dollars during his career on and off the court though it’s still a puzzle as to why he doesn’t have a home in his name.

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