Lamar Odom Begged To Come Back To The Brothel Where He Nearly Died

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lamar odom

Lamar Odom is being begged to revisit the brothel where he had an overdose which almost cost his life in October last year. 

Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch North, said he wants to help Lamar get his life back after reports the LA Lakers star was thrown off a flight out of LAX to JFK Monday evening, for causing a drunken spectacle including vomiting while on-board.

Hoff pleaded with Lamar in an interview urging him to come back, “Strippers, drinking, thrown off an airplane? C’mon, Lamar, let’s get back to Nevada where you belong.”

“Khloe’s not handling business, obviously, or he wouldn’t be in the strip club, and he wouldn’t have been in the brothel”, he added jeeringly.

lamar odom
Lamar Odom gets called back to brothel where he was found unconscious

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Hoff said he and his team were the only people who really cared about the 36-year-old and want to cater for him at his other business – Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

“We’re the people that care about you,” he said.

Also stewing the offer was Caressa who’s Hof’s girlfriend. She promised they will make provisions for someone who’ll  give Lamar 24-hour companionship  as well as “be attentive” to his “every need”.

lamar odom
The Nevada ranch where Lamar was found unconscius

Lamar is reportedly sober at the moment as he boarded another flight to his native place of birth Queens, New York on Tuesday. At least he’s sane enough to reject the offer.

A friend of his said the year has been really tough on the athlete what with his health and divorce, but Lamar went back to Queens to get his confidence back.

“He came to get his confidence back. He’s been through a lot this past year…He wanted to feel like himself again,” the friend concluded.

We also hope he gets his confidence back. Too bad he has been in the news just for bad press a lot. Hopefully something good will turn out for him.

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