Jurgen Klopp Still Hurting Over Europa League Final Loss

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Jurgen Klopp Still Hurting Over Europa League Final Loss

Jurgen Klopp Still Hurting Over Europa League Final Loss – Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed he’s still hurting after the team’s loss in the 2016 Europa League final to Sevilla.

“Of course I’ve had a lot of thoughts about this,” Klopp said. “It was long ago but it still feels bad. After the game I was not in the mood to think too much about the first half, but later I did and it was obvious that we’d played a good game in the first half and we could have been in a clearer lead.

“We could have had a penalty for handball, all this stuff that you see afterwards. It’s not interesting because it’s over, but as a human being it’s quite difficult to accept all this stuff. Of course you have moments when you still suffer a little bit.”

Liverpool had gone ahead in the first half thanks to Daniel Sturridge, but Sevilla had equalized 18 seconds into the restart through Kevin Gameiro.

“In the second half, 18 seconds in was too soon,” the German said. “I’ve thought a lot about halftime but there wasn’t anything too special that I could highlight — that we were not too sure about the game or something like this. We knew it was only halftime and there was still a lot of work to be done but then what happened, happened.

“When you watch it again you see that something broke at that moment. Different players had no weapons any more. They had no power and no confidence. You saw that. We went too deep in a lot of positions and we were not close enough to the challenges.

“All of it was not too good but it was, of course, about the intensity that we had had on the way to the final. We’d had to overperform one or two times, we had to play very special games and we’d had a lot of games.

“We’d tried everything to have fresh legs for the final, but none of this is an excuse because this was not a final that we should have lost but we lost and that’s the truth.”



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