Jhene Aiko X Teva Collection Sandals are Perfect for Summer Time (Photos)

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Jhene Aiko is famous for many things, but what most people don’t know is that she recently released a sandal collection with Teva. And it’s already the perfect sandals for summer time.

The songstress has partnered with Teva to launch the footwear brand’s first celebrity collaboration. The collection is founded on the premise of love of travel, adventure, and self-discovery. Which are all the things one can associate with Jhene.

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_002_360nobs
Jhene Aiko X Teva Collection

Speaking about the collection, Jhene says “through this collaboration with Teva, I was able to shape my journey and story into a new creative outlet that, just like my style, is comfortable and easy-going. This collection is an offering to my fans and friends and is meant to show you that you can do anything in Teva sandals.”

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_003_360nobs

The Jhene Aiko X Teva Sandals offers three styles, each inspired by the friendship bracelets she exchanged with her siblings while growing up. It was designed with adventure in mind, a three-piece capsule, styles include the Original Universal, the Hurricane XLT, and the Flatform inspired by the friendship bracelets that she makes and built for all of life’s journeys.

Have a look at more photos of the sandals below;

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_004_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_005_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_006_360nobs Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_007_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_008_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_009_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_010_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_011_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_012_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_013_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_014_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_015_360nobs


Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_016_360nobs

Collection_Jhene Aiko x Teva_017_360nobs


With an affordable price range of N16,980 – N17,000, you can add a touch of Jhene to your closet.

Images: Teva.com



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