Jamie Vardy’s Lookalike Says His Life Has Been Ruined After England’s Disastrous Euro 2016 

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Lee Chapman who happens to be ​Jamie Vardy’s  Lookalike Fears Leaving The House

Lee Chapman has been enjoying his recent fame as a Jamie Vardy lookalike. Being able to demand £250 an appearance has been very lucrative for the postman from Leicester but he is now considering quitting his public association with the footballer.

Since England’s embarrassing Euro 2016 campaign, Lee Chapman  has been the unfortunate subject of abuse on Social Media. 

A Connor B replied to a Domino’s promotion tweet featuring Lee:

“@dominos_UK @Lee_Chappy A lookalike was the best you could get? This lad looks like he wants to f*** kids more than kick a ball,poor”

There have also been pictures edited of him holding up a sign with the text, “# I am a nonce” as well as a Nathan Daniels tweeting “What a f***in rent boy!”.

This abuse has unsettled Lee and he claims he cannot even go in to Tesco.

Lee Chapman said 

“When Leicester won the league I was on top of the world – everybody loved Vardy and they thought I was him.

“Now that the team have done so badly in the Euros, all I’m getting is a stream of abuse. But I just watched the tournament on the telly like everybody else!”



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