Iyanya Gets Yoked In Social Media Matrimony

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Iyanya got engaged by social media. He is the latest to be married without his knowledge after D’banj. 

A popular blog shared via a fake “exclusive” source, “This time around we are exclusively reporting to you after getting relevant information from a close source that the singer got engaged to a Liberian woman July 15th 2016.”

“His bride to be is a 34 year old lady with the name Georgianna Weah, who is said to be based in the US, VA precisely. The romance between the duo allegedly began in April this year and an engagement followed in July.”

The story is false as Iyanya isn’t engaged. The singer refuted the claims with sarcasm. He wrote, “Apparently I’m engaged and I didn’t even know lol.”

Iyanya laughs at marriage rumor

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His engagement news was met with mixed feelings and here’s what the people are saying:

  • highjay02 – I tire ooooooo @iyanya I just knew that was not true…..lately media people just face u ……it just shows aw very important u are ma drln???.
  • babyfacedemonne – Oh lord when I saw it first that you’re engaged I said here goes again these people wouldn’t let iyanya be whatever you do with your life is nobody business my dear just keep the faith and be true to yourself stay bless
  • messiedlakes – That’s how I was dating my boss and neither him nor myself were aware of the relationship. The thunder that will fire all these online/offline fabricators is still gyming.
  • jisola333 – hehehe “she no come 4d money ooo she come 4d body ooo” *in ogunde’s voice* u know hu’s ogunde huh? hahaha.
  • kaluqueen – You are not engaged…. But she wants your body not money
  • shasha4u2me – How could that be possible ?@iyanya maybe is spiritually?bcs am waitin for u physically????.
  • queenlopez143 – Lmao….Ndi mmadu be engaging ndi mmadu in their absence ????

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  1. An Australian living in Perth named Maria Alice payet also believed she was engaged to him!! Delusional woman or was she set up by a fake iyanya profile?

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