Iyanya Calls Popular News Website “Liars” Over Fake Story

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Iyanya has called a popular news site “liars” for publishing a false story about him leaving his record label Made Men Music Group, MMMG, due to managerial issues with Ubi Franklin, his manager. 

The 2008 MTN Project Fame West Africa winner had shared a statement that he would be leaving MMMG, of which he is a co-founder, to start his own thing.

He wrote on Instagram, Monday, (July, 11): “I’ll be launching my new label n new album soon.”

Iyanya calls popular news site liars

With this piece of information, rumors circulated that the Calabar-born artist was having issues with his management, particularly with Ubi Franklin.

The banter also declared that he wasn’t in support of his friend’s marriage to Lilian Esoro as she was one of the reasons both men were at odds with each other.

The Kukere hitmaker released a statement, Thursday, (July, 14) refuting the allegations as he called the publishers liars.

He said, “All this r lies …I’m not fighting Ubi ..his wife is the best woman in the world for him,she is a good woman.she’s a good cook too.you guys please chill all ?????.”

The false story which was published, Tuesday, (July, 12) read:

Singer is leaving MMMG record label due to problems with Ubi Franklin

This announcement is the culmination of a long period of incessant in-fighting and clash of decisions. Ubi and Iyanya, have been at loggerheads over finances and a lot of other key decisions on the running of the label.

Last year, the label had to let go two artistes, Emma Nyra and Baci, which according to sources, did not go down well with Iyanya. Baci, most especially had a special bond with Iyanya, a friendship that had been honed over several years.

Financial mismanagement issues are also a huge part of the disagreement. Iyanya and Ubi have long not seen eye to eye over the remittance of booking and appearance fees. According to our source, there have been concerns over Ubi’s handling of the business finances.

Things got worse during and after Ubi’s celebrity wedding to Nollywood actress, Lilian Esoro, in November 2015. It is believed that Iyanya is not in favour of the union, and the effect it has on the business.

“Iyanya does not like the wife, and does not support the union”, our source revealed.

We are cool, Iyanya declared.

Iyanya has cleared the rumors.

He is cool with Ubi and Lilian Esoro and just wants to do his own thing without anyone blowing the calm situation out of proportion.

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