Forbes Global Celebrity 2016 Lists Taylor Swift As Highest Earner With $170 Million

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taylor swift

Forbes list of top one-hundred highest global earners has seen Taylor Swift emerge as number one with an overall earnings of $170 million or N48,067,500,000 ie over forty-eight-billion naira.

The list which ranks from number one to hundred saw the celebrities collectively rake in $5.1 billion pre-tax. These number is more than the GDP of three countries ie Gambia, Bhutan and Belize combined.

Celebrities who made the list included a selection of entertainers from Hollywood to Bollywood, soccer stars and basketball players.

Here’s a list of the first top ten earners.

 1. Taylor Swift ($170 million), Singer: Her earnings smashed the record of previous holders, Rolling Stone with much of her cash coming from her 1989 world tour and deals with brands such as Apple and Coke.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift tops highest earners list

2. One Direction ($110 million) Boyband: Despite the departure of Zayn Malik from the group in March last year, the boy band came in at number two with earnings from their On The Road Again tour.

taylor swift

3. James Patterson ($95 million) Author: Patterson is every publisher’s delight as he is the world’s highest earning author with his books being adapted for the big screen such as his sci-fi thriller Zoo which airs on CBS.

taylor swift
James Patterson is every publisher’s delight

4. Dr. Phil McGraw ($88 million) Personality: Dr Phil, an Oprah Winfrey protege made his earnings from his daytime talk show. He serves as an executive producer on The Doctors and has an app called Doctor On Demand which makes it easy for people to connect with psychologists.

dr phil
Dr Phil was an Oprah Winfrey protege

5. Cristiano Ronaldo  ($88 million) Athlete: Ronaldo will be earning a fifty-million-dollar-a-year salary and bonus till 2018 with Real Madrid. His endorsements with Nike, Monster and other juicy deals placed him on the number five spot.

taylor swift
Cristiano Ronaldo is a three-time best world player holder

6. Kevin Hart ($87.5 million) Comedian: Hart is the king of comedy, undisputed, and he redefined the craft all on his own. Hart’s earnings came in through his tours. Being the first comedian to ever earn more than Jerry Seinfeld, Hart has staged over a hundred shows in one year with each raking in almost a million dollars.

taylor swift
Kevin Hart redefined comedy

7. Howard Stern ($85 million) Radio Host: Stern, famous for being a controversial radio presenter and past host on America’s Got Talent, sealed a new radio deal which is in the eight digits for the next five years with Sirius XM Radio.

taylor swift
Howard Stern

8. Lionel Messi ($81.5 million) Footballer: Lionel Messi has won FIFA’s player of the year five times and that isn’t an easy feat. Such achievements are the reason he is one of the highest paid footballers of all time which has begotten him loads of bonuses and sponsorship deals.

taylor swift
Lionel Messi won FIFA player of the year five times

9. Adele ($80.5 million) Singer: Adele’s new album 25 which she released in November 2015 sold 3.38 million copies in its first week. Also, earnings from her sold-out arena shows placed her on the list as one of the artists who made more than half her money mainly through music.

taylor swift
Adele is the only star who made more than half her money through music alone

10. Rush Limbaugh ($79 million) Radio Host: Limbaugh who has been used for several cartoonish mock ups and is deemed an electoral delight took the number ten spot. The radio host is set for a contract renewal with iHeartMedia which can only add more zeros to his already blossoming account.

taylor swift

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