Is Female Genital Mutilation A Mandatory Practice In Yoruba Land?

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A Yoruba man was beaten to the point of death for not allowing his daughter get circumcised or undergo female genital mutilation which begs the question, “Is FGM A Must In Yuruba Land?”

Olalowo Hammed Olalekan and his wife, Modinat, were harassed after being pressured repeatedly by family members and members of their community to bring their daughter for circumcision as was usual with traditional requirements.

According to NewTelegraph, the couple have reportedly fled the shores of Nigeria for the safety of their children.

When he tried to escape to meet his family after sending his wife and children off, Hammed said he was attacked and beaten to a pulp by his kinsmen and community members for refusing to subject his daughter through the female genital mutilation.

He added that he was left to die after the massive physical assault he suffered.

Olalekan said, “I thought I had died. I was bleeding all over my body with swollen face and cuts on my body. What I experienced from them is not what I wish anybody.”

“If it were my wife or children, they may not have survived it. I was on my way home, when some men began taunting me for not allowing my daughter to be circumcised, rather aided their disappearance.” He concluded.

female genital mutilation
Man beaten for allowing his daughter escape FGM

Many have sympathized with his misfortune but there are those who observe his story is flawed as they opine that nowhere in Yoruba land will you get beaten for refusing to subject your child to FGM.

This group also share the belief Olalekan must have intertwined his story so it could be plausible enough for him to use the situation to seek asylum in another country.

Which begets the question “Is Female Genital Mutilation Mandatory in Yoruba Land?”. Just like Olalekan, “can a father be beaten to pulp for refusing to circumcise their child?.”

Here are some views, also share yours if you have any.

  • aramide74 – I am not disputing the fact that FGM still exist in Yoruba land, am seriously disputing his story base on the fact that no family will assault a father for his right not to allow his daughter undergo FGM. Nowhere in Yoruba land! A. I am saying this base on our culture and the respect our people have for individual right to make decision on their children. That’s what differentiate us from other tribes. In fact people in the village can laugh at him, but that’s the worst they can do. He is the father of his children for crying out loud. He can as well tell us the name of his family and their location in Yoruba land.
  • chris.willi2z – Yorubas do not practice FGM as far as I know. Am I wrong?
  • tsloww – Never knew Yoruba folks were into FGM too, was thinking it was strictly an Edo people thingy.
  • tsloww – Or is it safe to say that was just his own concocted story, so as to be granted asylum in whatever country he has taken abode in!?
  • sagesheriff – The guy didn’t come straight. He is probably owing debts. Using this cheap lie to get asylum, like the dude that ran to Greece to seek asylum from boko haram.

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