‘Famous’ Video: Ray-J Considering Suing Kanye West

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Ray-J Considering Suing Kanye West – Rapper Kanye West may be hit wit a lawsuit very soon over his highly controversial visuals for song, Famous.

Singer Ray-J, who was among a host of celebrities depicted in the video, wasn’t pleased at all with the video. “Don’t put me part of nothing that’s weird, that don’t make sense,” he said at the 2016 BET Awards.

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In a more recent interview with Heat magazine, Ray-J’s manager, David Weintraub, revealed that his legal team was already working out a possible lawsuit.

“We’re talking about potentially doing something because there’s too many times Kanye has done this, and you can’t really continue to use people’s likeness without either compensation or clearance,” he said.

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“It seems to be becoming an issue – this is like the fourth time in six months he’s done this. We haven’t really worked anything out. There were kind of discussions but it’s getting old, so our legal team is working out what we want to do with everything.”

Other celebrities who were depicted in the video include former US president George W. Bush, Donald Trump and Bill Cosby.




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