Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

If you use any major social media networks, chances are you’ve come across the latest gaming rave worldwide: Pokemon Go.

Based on the hugely successful Pokemon games from Nintendo, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality video game, which gives a real life spin to the game. It imposes a virtual layer on the real world, which means when you look through your phone camera, you see the real world and a couple pokemons.

The goal of the original Pokemon games was to catch as many Pokemons as possible, using them to battle others. The goal is still the same with Pokemon Go, except this time you’re not playing on a screen, you’re actually walking up and down in the real world to catch Pokemon.

It’s free to play on Android and iOS, and it’s real life play has contributed to it’s overnight success. It’s also very realistic, with the type of pokemon appearing based on the player’s location and time of the day.

Watch the trailer for Pokemon Go below!



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