Durant’s Dad: It Was Time To Be Selfish

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Before the NBA free agency started on July 1, Wayne Pratt gave his son, Kevin Durant a piece of advice.

He wanted the 2014 MVP to do something out of character.

“Be selfish.”

“‘For once in your life be selfish and think about yourself,’” Pratt said he told his son. “That’s the only thing I could tell him. And it’s hard for him to do that because that is not in his personality. But sometimes in your growth as a man you have to be selfish and make decisions that are based on him and his future family.”

To be safe, Durant would have picked the Thunders, where he has spent all nine years of his career. The Washington Wizards were not even being considered by the Washington DC native. And you definitely would not have seen him pick the team that came from 3-1 down against the Thunders to make it to the NBA finals.

However, on the fourth of July, sparks flew when Durant announced he will be signing for the Oakland team.

“It was growth as a man,” Pratt said. “The majority of decisions that were made for Kevin were made by me or his mom. This time it was made by him using all the information that he gathered. He came up with a logical decision. To me as a father and a husband and a man, it was good to see him make a man decision.”



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