DJ Drama Recruits Meek Mill, TY Dolla Sign And Pusha T In New “Boys In The Hood” Track

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DJ Drama, former official DJ to T.I sets to release new track titled Boyz in the Hood off his fourth music album, Quality Street Music 2. 

Drama who presently serves as A&R for Atlantic Records recruited the likes of Meek Mill Pusha T  and TY Dollar Sign to work their magic on the joint.

Meek took the first verse, Ty Dolla Sign laid the hook, Meek Mill came back in the second verse with Pusha T closing in on the third lines.

dj drama
DJ Drama, former official DJ to T.I

On verse No. 1, Meek went back to his time in jail, as he rapped about memories he would rather forget:

“Uh, sorry your honor if I was too arrogant, that money was staggering. They locked me PC with them trannies and rats, man that shit was embarrassing.

“Twenty-three hours in cell by myself, man you couldn’t imagine it. They fed me some shit I won’t feed to my dog, man that shit was the nastiest.

Can you imagine me losing my mind? Doing push-ups, fifty-two at a time. Do the whole debt just to get through the time. Just to get to my son and get back to my mom.”

He kept flowing, “Papi keep asking me, where am I at? I told him in jail and I said I’d be back. He said when you’re back “Can you get me from school?”

“Shit like that there will turn boy to a goon. Onto the graveyard, there’s only one stop. We live fast, die from gunshots.

In this lifestyle when we sling dope. Bust glocks, why you think we say “fuck cops”? Cause when they lock us up all the fun stops.

And when the ice cream truck come to one stop. So for the little babies all the fun stops. And we posted on the corner like the bus stop. Waiting on the state bus ’til the cuffs lock.”

Who knew Meek had such a hard time in jail?

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