#DeportKoffiOlomide: Kofi Olomide Asked To Leave Kenya For Assaulting A Woman

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Koffi Olomide

Koffi Olomide has been reportedly thrown out of Kenya after he was caught on camera physically assaulting a woman at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya. 

The performer was seen kicking the woman identified only as Pamela, one of his dancers.

Koffi who is also known as Mopao Mokonzi was scheduled to perform at the Bomas Of Kenya Arena, Friday, 23rd, July, 2016 but was arrested by Kenyan authorities after the attack.

The disagreement was said to have ensued between Pamela and another female dancer claimed to be close to Koffi with the rumba singer taking the latter’s side.

He was picked up after an interview with Citizens TV as Police Inspector General Joseph Boinnet gave the nod for his apprehension.

This isn’t  Koffi Olomide’s first brush with assault. In 2008, Koffi was accused of being violent with a cameraman from DR Congo’s private RTGA television station whom he kicked and broke his camera at a concert in the capital, Kinshasa, following disagreement over recording rights.

In 2012, he also faced charges in DRC for assaulting his producer.

Koffi Olomide
Koffi Olomide asked to leave Kenya

The Congolese Rumba star shared a video via his Facebook to explain his side of the story but his fans neither believed nor showed him support as one user Nancy wrote, “This video to this even mares your case. Even if I’m not a psychologist, it is clear that the woman here named Pamela at your side n is not comfortable at all and is scared, her gesture on his face at the last séconde speaks more than your beautiful words.

I appreciate your music but mightily but with your conviction in France to get molested and kidnapped your dancers and the video d today… I’m really sorry and disappointed. You have no respect for the woman and simply you have no respect for your next. Remember the good that the evil always comes back to the one who the fact #shameonyou”. 

The hash tag #DeportKoffiOlomide has been started to throw him out of Kenya and ban him from ever stepping foot into the country. 

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