Dallas Sniper, Micah Xavier Johnson Was A Disgraced Ex-Soldier Who Wanted To “Kill White People”

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micah xavier johnson

Micah Xavier Johnson was a disgraced ex-US Army Reserve soldier discharged from Afghanistan over sexual harassment allegations against a female soldier.

He had also confessed earlier his desire to “kill white people”.

In a sniper rifle shooting spree, Johnson shot and killed five cops and injured seven others at an anti-gun #BlackLivesMatter protest in Dallas on Thursday, (June, 7) following the shootings of two young black men, Alton Sterling Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, earlier in the week.

Prior to being subdued, cops had battled with Johnson for several hours before he was blown up by a remote-controlled robot bomb.

After his death, reports emerged about Johnson’s true identity as well as his other activities which included joining black extremist groups.

micah xavier johnson
Micah Xavier Johnson wanted to kill white people

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In an interview, Bradford Glendening , Johnson’s lawyer said his client had pleaded for help with mental illness as he was “highly unusual”.

Glendening added: “I’m sure that this guy was the black sheep of his unit.”

A friend of Johnson who wished to remain anonymous said to Fox News that the ex-soldier had made some bad friends after his return from Afghanistan and had gone all “Black Panther”.

“He did have some anger issues,” the friend stated, “but never said he would hurt anyone.”

A Tweeter user shared munched photos of Micah’s Instagram in which he predicted his death and spoke about his plans.

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Although he wasn’t linked to a any particular group, Johnson’s Facebook was a shrine to militant black power groups.

Among groups he ‘liked’ were black militant groups such as the African American Defense League and the New Black Panther Party, which was founded in Dallas – radical cells have claimed links to Johnson’s shooting.

On Friday, Micah Xavier Johnson’s home was searched and cops found a treasure trove of weapons, illicit militant propaganda, bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, and countless round of ammo. Manifestoes and guides as well as a combat journal were also discovered.

Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown said prior to being killed, Johnson had informed negotiators he was acting alone.

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