Da L.E.S And His Side Chick Receive “Call A Ho Out” Card From His Baby Mama

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Da L.E.S has been accused of cheating on his baby mama with her best friend. By now we all know the term “Ho” is bisexual. 

Aurea Alexander, DA L.E.S’s baby mama and partner has served her baby daddy and former partner a “call a ho out” card as she dragged him and his side chick who also happens to be her best friend, Missy Roberts, on Twitter.

Aurea claimed the two have been creeping behind her back.

Da L.E.S
Da L.E.S in baby mama versus side chick drama

The bitter woman took to twitter where she shared a series of tweets calling out her baby daddy and his side chick, Missy Roberts.

The banter read:

  • Fuck all these fake hoes man! I don’t give a fuck anymore. I could call out a lot more but Missy actually pretended to be my best friend.
  • @MissyRobertsxo Everyone warned me about you from day one saying you’re using our friendship to be close to les! All true.”
  • I mean you had tears in your eyes claiming how much our friendship meant to you @MissyRobertsxo you’re a joke just like my baby daddy.
  • Hi @MissyRobertsxo I’m just letting you know that @2freshLES is single now so you can fuck him freely… Maybe you’ll upgrade from side hoe.

While the feud was causing a broiling TWar, Twitter users decided to bring in AKA and Bonang Matheba into the affair since both men are friends and what’s the old adage again?, “Show me your friends and I’ll….”

Other users couldn’t help but compare DA L.E.S’s baby mama versus side-chick drama with that of AKA, DJ Zinhle and Bonang Matheba.

Bonang Matheba was aaccused of snatching AKA from DJ Zinhle who has a child for the rapper.

One user wrote, “I guess he looks up to AKA. Same situation. Yes? No? *shrugs*.”

Just as another tweeted, “@REArockinjays Sana it’s tough out there, trust NO ONE. Zintle is doing just fine after Bonang chowed her baby daddy nawe uzoba right sis.”

AKA gets dragged into feud between his homie Da L.E.S and his baby mama

As for Missy’s response, the accused side chick said she has no idea what the scorned baby mama was talking about.

While tweeting a “guys don’t date a rapper” post, Missy wrote, “Some of us are at work. I hope there are receipts. Me I don’t know what’s happening la. But please refrain from making outrageous accusations on the TL and cry “freedom of speech” because you’re too dumb to understand ‘defamation’.”

Two men, four women, and two babies… Seems like the perfect plot for a great story…

Read the Twitter War here.

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