Crazy Taylor Swift Fan Exposes His Penis As He Proposes To The Singer

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taylor swift

A Taylor Swift fan has taken the term “crazy fan” to another level after he was arrested for baring his penis to a motorist then trespassed into Swift’s mansion in Rhode mansion the next day to profess his undying love and pleading to marry the singer.

Joseph Bernatche who has been reported to have mental issues was arrested on Tuesday, (July, 7) for running into the middle of the street and flashing his penis at a passing motorist to “expose the difference between sex and love”, according to him.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift has an obsessed fan

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An officer in Maine said Bernatche was booked on offensive conduct and released the next morning, Wednesday only for him to drive to Taylor’s home and try to pass a note through her guards which requested she called him.

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Bernatche who is 55-year-old was also charged with trespassing, but is pleading not guilty. as his attorney Michael J. Robinson, said, “We deny that Mr. Bernatche was ever on Ms. Swift’s property. The security guards have a job to do and I don’t blame them. They do what they think they have to do. In this case, I think they were just being overly zealous, overly cautious.”

taylor swift
Taylor Swift

He was stopped and arrested by police officers while driving away from Swift’s home and appeared deeply upset, breaking down in tears on discovering his dearly beloved had a boyfriend named Tom Hiddleston.

Sources confirmed, Bernatche was taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation.

Swift is no newbie to trespassers as she had an encounter in May this year where an “emotionally disturbed” man was detained at her apartment in New York City. Security staff found him and called the police.

Taylor Swift should ensure her security game is up seeing as these people have an atom of “disorientation”. Lest they stab her and claim psychologically imbalanced.

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