Ciara And Russell Wilson Get Married In Secret

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Ciara and Russell Wilson are finally a couple after the lovebirds exchanged vows in a secret ceremony at Peckforton Castle, Liverpool, England.

And that’s a huge goodbye to their celibacy pact as the duo can finally smash, legally.

Friends and family including Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland witnessed Ciara walk down the aisle in a Roberto Cavalli gown as both bride and groom promised each other forever, Wednesday, (June, 6).

Due to the extreme privacy of the event, photographs aren’t made public yet as the couple employed a strict ‘no device’ policy at their wedding. But no worries, we got something for you.


E! confirmed guests were required to drop their mobile gadgets before entering the venue to avoid photographs. They were also instructed to keep their knowledge of the affair on the down low as the newly weds didn’t want to publicize their private affair.

The singer and NFL player began dating in April 2015 and announced their engagement earlier this year.

Ciara and Russell made a celibacy pact to wait till marriage before having sex.

Despite public impression on the strength of a relationship surviving without sex, Ciara and Russell held the fort and can now say “goodbye celibacy” and “hello great sex”.

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