#TruthSerum: Chrissy Teigen Spills Truths On Hollywood Stars

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chrissy teigen

If you have ever wondered if Hollywood stars breathe oxygen or gaseous gold, wonder not far as Chrissy Teigen is answering some of the questions that plague our normal mind via her twitter account. 

Below are some of the tweets she replied to – no holds barred…

chrissy teigen
Chrissy Teigen answers questions we all want to ask

how do celebrities find assistants? Do you put out a craigslist ad or what?

  • You steal them

how do you feel about some celebrities keeping quiet on big issues, do you blame them, or do you understand why they don’t?

  • I have extreme respect and love for the ones that do but completely understand why some don’t.

how do you and John remain so happy , it seems like nothing is ever wrong with y’all? Do y’all ever fight?

  • Only the glam squads know the truth! (they’d say yes)

do people actually think John’s last name is legend

  • Yes

if a celeb is gonna sleep with a non-celeb do they make them sign an NDA first?

  • I dunno I didn’t sign shit. But a lot of people definitely do. We do before some events or house parties or ppl we don’t know well (drivers?)

are some media on your blacklist or you just do not care/forgive and forget ?

  • Not entire outlets but certain people, maybe, for a month or two then i forget because who cares.

X__X “Everyone hates you, but me, I think you’re cool”

  • I get it all the time ? favorite is “I don’t get why everyone says you’re so ugly!!?!?” #goodintentions

is it awkward asking a celebrity for their number

  • Yes because you don’t want to seem thirsty.

Chrissy Teigen is just too real for Hollywood, one of the reasons she’s one of everyone’s favorite stars.

Everyone excluding those that hate her for no reason.

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