Chris Brown Can’t Catch A Break! His Misdemeanors Are Back To Back Just Like His Hit Songs

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown is in the news again, and this time it’s for yet another misdemeanor. Add that to the list of offenses he has pulled this year.

In no particular order, here’s a list of the father-of-one’s offenses so far.

Chris had an angry exchange with his publicist Nicole Perna over failing to secure Vogue, GQ or any other publications he wanted for his clothing line.

Perna texted him, “Loooove all the black pyramid pieces … awesome collection!”and Chris Brown La Douche responded, “I don’t want you texting me compliments with no results. Get in the game.”

Chris Brown

Perna fired back, “Anna Wintour doesn’t want to f*** with you. These editors don’t want to f*** with you. The majority of my time is spent on damage control. I am constantly cleaning s*** up and having your back.”

Brown really didn’t care about what she had to say as he replied, “NICOLE, you texting me as if I will give a f*** if u dont work for me or not … Do whatever makes u feel better. Me personally, I DONT GIVE A F***!!!”

Chris then texted his manager Micheal ‘Mike G’ Guirguis whom he hired in 2012, “Mike, this bitch got all the balls in the world talking to me but can’t talk to the editors or anyone for that matter when they release bulls*** in the press … Send this bitch her termination.”

In a bid to calm things down, Perna texted Chris, “Chris, respect. You’re in my prayers x.”, Chris Brown slammed her with, “Bitch u in my nightmares.”

chris brown
Chris Brown told Perna she was in his nightmares

It just got interesting, remember Mike G the manager he asked to fire Perna? Well he allegedly assaulted him too.

Mike claimed Brown took him in a room and rained unprovoked punches on his face and neck, which landed him in the ER.

Mike G’s attorney, Patty Glaser filed a lawsuit against Brown in which it claimed rather than being remorseful, the Sex You Back To Sleep singer mocked Mike on social media all the while bragging about the beating.

Mike admitted that Brown had told people working on his tour, he would beat them the way he did him if they stepped out of line.

Chris Brown’s response to the lawsuit was through an Instagram video. In it he claimed he fired Mike G for stealing money from him.

He said, “Don’t nobody come out clean in this contest. Cos I could throw a big piece of shit. I’m talking about massive chunk, its like elephant shit mixed with donkey shit, probably with a bit of rabbit pebbles. I will throw the biggest piece of shit so we are not gonna play this game.”

chris brown
Chris Brown’s former manager Micheal ‘Mike G’ Guirguis

On May 19, video footage emerged of his concert in Cannes, France, depicting Chris Brown angrily stomping on a man’s head. Brown said he was defending himself.

For the fifth time in one year, his neighbors in his Tarzana, California residence complained to the police about Brown disturbing the peace by doing doughnuts on an ATV.

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Earlier in July, Chris Brown was reported to have rented a pad in Ibiza and had trashed the place up, carved the walls with knives and puked all over the rental, leaving the pace a slimey mess.

Well, Chris Brown proved he was a step smarter as he made a video recording of the pad in its exact state as he was leaving which was squeaky clean. When the story began to filter he had trashed the Ibiza pad, Brown released the video and put to bed the allegations once and for all.

Chris Brown’s songs are back to back hits, so are his Misdemeanors, and you haven’t heard the last of it.

Wherever there’s Breezy there’s shit about to hit the fan. The good thing is he always comes out of every drama like a boss.

Guess that’s why you can’t help but love the guy…  and his music.

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