Calvin Harris Isn’t Single Anymore As He Moves On With Tinashe

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calvin harris

Calvin Harris has moved on with a new girl but her name also starts with T, coincidence or just cupid playing a joke?

Calvin and Tinashe were spotted out together on Saturday (July, 16) at an exclusive hangout in Malibu and a source said it was a date, the first of many between these two.

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The source exclusively revealed to Page Six, “They have been seeing each other on the DL. It’s only been weeks, so it’s still pretty casual right now.”

calvin harris
Calvin Harris and Tinashe spotted on a date

“They’ve been on a few dates. Tinashe and Harris met in the studio in 2014 when they collaborated on the song “Dollar Signs.”

“They were rumored to be writing songs for Rihanna at the time. They stayed in touch and recently started hanging out again.”

Tinashe who is going through the final works of her debut album, Joyride, – slated to be released later this year – said in an interview with Fuse, “It’s about that, when you first fall for someone and you feel super crazy” referencing tracks off her album.

She continued, “Like you kinda lost your mind a little bit because you’re super into them. That’s the energy that I want to have all summer. Just fun, over-the-top happiness.”

calvin harris
Calvin Harris and Tinashe would make a cute couple

Calvin who some opine hasn’t moved on from Taylor Swift once described the kind of woman he wanted which was a sexy Latina like Sofia Vergara and she must not be famous.

Maybe Tinashe floated the sexy Latina scale but she is famous, so is Calvin changing his mind or nah?

Either way, Tinashe wants happiness, Calvin needs happiness, maybe they’ll both share whatever happiness they can with each other.

Everyone deserves to be happy, yes?

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