Bonang Matheba Doesn’t Want Babies… Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Not Ever!

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Bonang Matheba has revealed she doesn’t want babies but what does her baby boy AKA have to say about that? 

As fans tuned in to listen to her show The Front Row on Metro FM, AKA’s girlfriend informed her co-hosts, JayJay and Naked DJ, she never wants to have a child.

Though, she had the perfect venue in mind for anyone who was interested in getting a good spot for a baby shower.

“If I ever have a child, which is never, I know the right spot for a baby shower.” Bonang said.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba

Queen B is bluntly telling anyone who’s expecting to get an invite to her bridal shower to wait no further as babies aren’t in her agenda, not today, tomorrow nor ever.

Bonang continued that if she ever had to plan a baby shower for her friends or family, “the Four Seasons Hotel would be the perfect spot for a baby shower.” 

Funny she chose the same hotel where she was spotted hanging out with her man AKA, over the weekend.

AKA and Bonang Matheba are living the loved up life

While her co-presenters and listeners were taken aback by her statement, her co-hosts further inquired, if she doesn’t want to “take care of someone and enjoy the joys of motherhood?.”

Bonang explained that she already had her hands filled with the responsible of someone.

“I have a little brother, I am good.” She said while adding that right now, her brother was quite a handful.

Meanwhile, earlier this year in Namibia, Bonang told an audience at The Masters of Success project, that she wouldn’t want her child to be in the entertainment industry.

Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba

She clarified, “This thing is terrible, an not terrible in the sense that one says; ‘Make it stop’ but there is so much that comes with it, that it withers away at the reasons why it was meant to be good in the first place.” 

The media personality added, “There is so much pressure, so much turmoil and so much expected of you that you get to a point where you forget why you started doing it in the first place,” Bonang added.

She doesn’t want a baby but she is choosing a spot where she hangs out with her man as a good spot to throw baby showers for other people.

Who else is as confused as we are?

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