Bobbi Brown Spearheads Special “Be Who You Are” Campaign For Its 25th anniversary

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bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown spearheads a special campaign tagged  “Be Who You Are” for its twenty-fifth anniversary.

The beauty cosmetics brand that has catered to practically every female celebrity on the planet since its existence and has honored women with its beautiful and extensive range of beauty products introduced its new campaign to celebrate every woman who has ever used the Bobbi Brown brand over the past two and a half decades.

The “Be Who You Are” campaign featured a diverse mix of both models and non-models wearing natural makeup looks.

A statement from the brand said, “we believe a woman is most beautiful — and more importantly most confident — when she looks and feels like herself.”

bobbi brown
Bobbi Brown celebrates its 25 year anniversary with new “Be Who You Are” campaign

After she launched her line in 1991, Bobbi Brown started with lipsticks, she only began making foundations due to a creative stunt which turned out amazing.

She said, “As a makeup artist I would be on set and it was really difficult finding foundations that actually matched the models’ skin.”

“Most of the foundation back then didn’t work. It was paint, it was artificial, and so for models who were black or any kind of mixed race, it was impossible.”

“When I launched the brand, I knew that I wanted any woman who needed foundation to be able to find it at my counter.”

“Even if it’s a lower selling shade, I still won’t get rid of it.”

“I think that probably, a lot of the other competitive brands might look at things based on numbers and what is profitable.”

“I look at the numbers, sure, but I ultimately make my decision based on need from my customers.”

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown celebrates women of every shade

Bobbi Brown disclosed she loved the art of no-makeup makeup as she used models who are “great beauty role models, on the inside and out.”

She said her goal was to help every woman in finding the right color for her skin and makes her look as close to her natural beauty as possible.

“Finding colors that are right for your skin and makes you look natural are what enhance your own natural beauty” – Bobbi Brown.

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